X-ray Image by iNSiGHT










Sample images of two diet groups. Above is a sample of the Normal Diet(ND) group, and below is a sample of the High Fat Diet(HFD) group.

A., B. and C. are X-ray image, bone enhanced image and color composition image of one mouse in ND group, respectively.
D., E. and F. are X-ray images, bone enhanced images and color composition images of a mouse in the HFD group, respectively.

In a color composition image, fat tissue is shown by red color and lean tissue by green color. From the color composition images of two diet groups, it is possible to tell that the HFD group has a relatively higher DXA Fat Tissue Mass(FTM) compared to the ND group.




Evaluation of iNSiGHT VET DXA (DualEnergy X-ray Absorptiometry) for assessing body composition in obese rats fed with high fat diet: a follow-up study of diet induced obesity model for 8 weeks.


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